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GdzieRodzić.info - redesign of organization's portal

We delivered a new web platform for one of the biggest polish NGO - Fundacji Rodzić po Ludzku. It featuring a ranking of maternity wards of polish hospitals, as well as database with articles and variety of online tools.

We delivered a new web platform for one of the biggest polish NGO - Fundacji Rodzić po Ludzku. The main point was to build from scratch a ranking of maternity wards of polish hospitals. Portal introduces a profile for each of hospitals, with comprehensive data collected and aggregated from numerous sources - including the biggest consumer survey taken by more than 50 thousands woman. Additionally we developed a tool that performs day-to-day recalculation of all the data and updates the ranking daily.

The following functionalities have been introduced:

  • Database of hospitals, midwifes and maternity schools
  • Logged-in users area with online tools and materials
  • Documents generator - labour planner, bag for labour creators
  • Annual contest application for best midwife - Anioły Rodzić po Ludzku
  • Ad-server and report module
  • Database with articles
  • Donation collection module and paywall integration

Additionally to the ranking we also prepared online version of tools already used by the Foundation in paper versions - planers, lists, forms to register complaints, and many others.

New layout has been designed to work well on small screens used by majority of portal's users. Design is feminine, well fitted with fundation's printed materials and very predictable in terms of user experience in order to be intuitive and easy to use.

To support fundraising activity we developed and integrated on-site ad-server. Delivering banners, reporting clicks and impressions is possible from administration panel. Additional dedicated voluntary donation modal box has been introduced and proven to be effective.

Our cooperation with Foundation was not restricted to development process. Since 2019 we cooperate on daily basis, providing support in variety of aspects of their online activity. We optimize and update this and other sites as well as work together with Foundation team to create ideas for future projects.

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Project scope

  • Technology analysis and recommendation
  • UX & graphics design
  • Dedicated modules - document generators
  • Integrations - ad-server
  • Support